Suggested repertoire

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Popular Arab

(1930s to present)

Traditional Arab

(turath, pre-1930s)

(see: )

Inshad Dini

  • Shaykh el-Helbawy repertoire
  • Mohamed Mounir's Sufi album
  • Emil Zrihan (Moroccan Arab Jewish)

Iranian music

Turkish music

Berber music

Kurdish music

Jewish music


  • Agir Ketye Dilê Min (Kurdish)
  • Turkish song (Vahapcan)
  • Armenian? (see Scott's book)
  • Amin amin (Tuareg)
  • Qadukka al-Mayyas
  • Ya Dha al-Qawam
  • Tajik songs
  • Mahani zein
  • Hibbina
  • Dance suite
  • Bilafrah
  • Persian song (Elaheh)
  • Ala instrumental (bughya) or Ottoman instrumental (samai) (Hadi)

Nermeen suggestions

Maybe we can do : 1-"El ba7r byed7ak leih" by Sheikh Imam: Eskenderella's version:

2-"Eltohfageyya" by Sayed Darwish Sung here by Mohamed Mohsen:

3-Sheikh Qoffa3a a.k.a. Si Qofa3a by Sayed Darwish Iman El Bahr Darwish's version: Sung here by Palestinian group Yalalan: and here an arrangement by a local group:

4-The Sheikh Imam song that was used a lot during the revolution was may be this one? Ya Masr oomy we sheddy el 7eil

5-"Hatgann ya reit ya khwanna" by Zakareyya Ahmed:

6-"Ya halawet el donia ya halawa" Sung here by Sayed Mekkawy and preceded by a mawal:

7-For fun, I thought this song would be GREAT, saidi folk at its best :)

8-The Turkish song I was talking to you about: "Gunduz gece" Its original:

9-"Shashkin" by Omar Faruk Tekbilek (I know it's cliche :) )

10-"Tal3a men beit abouha" by Nazem Elghazaly