Sira Hilaliyya text: Rizq's complaint as he awaits a son

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The following text is recited in the audio track provided. Note the traditional values encoded in them, in particular the conflict between Arab patriarchal values, and Islamic acceptance of one's fate (qadar) as decreed by God.

Khadra and Rizq have been married for 10 years, but she has not yet borne him a son and heir. The day of the Eid, the sight of his friends' children enflames his anger, and Rizq returns home furious. When his wife inquires about the cause of his anger, he replies:

"The cause of my tears is you
I took you as a free woman and the apple of my eyes
I asked mny heart whether I should repudiate you and it refused
But because of you, I am mocked by the Arabs

I married you so that you could fill my home
A free an elegant woman
But since your first pregnancy
Why have you brought forth no more?

For ten years I have longed
Not to know the number of my children"

With clenched teeth, she answered
"You are not to talk of this or that.

You talk too freely of things
Would you dare oppose the Lord's will?
Where is the field where boys grow?
Tell me and I will bring you back a handful

Where is the market where they sell heirs?
Rizq, the pride of your generation
Your words have hurt my heart
So do you want me to buy you a boy?

I am losing my head and going crazy
But remain patient before the ordeal from the Lord
If God has not given me children
Do you want me to create them with my own hands?"

At this point the episode closes. Eventually, Khadr will indeed provide an heir, Abu Zayd, though his blackness (unlike his Rizq or Khadr) casts doubt on his parentage.