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To enter a custom namespace page from the main namespace, I think you have to link 'externally' (full absulute URL) otherwise it shows up as the <restrlink>, because restricted people shouldn't even know the namespace is there I guess.

Here's an example of entering a namespace page, follow it for more instructions: (try and follow it before you add yourself to the music666 group in special:user rights management, that way we'll know that it's properly restricted!)



Music 666 Student projects

Here's a new page

another new one for me

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  • point
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Source(s): Sandbox solutions

A demonstration area about cookies.

Cookies and templates are very different things. That is why Templates testing will be here.

Eating Cookies

When to eat cookies

I like to eat cookies all the time. Here is a haiku about when you should eat cookies:

Let's eat some cookies

Even though it's past midnight

We live on the edge

I will eat them on a box. I will eat them with some Lox.

Nutritional information

  • Cookies contain all the nutrients needed for:
    • smiling
    • getting big and fat so that people will think you are important

Cookie-related informational links:

This picture is not a cookie: TAPoRrlogo1.jpg


Silly Uploads! Trix are for kids.

Ha ha ha I uploaded a word document!

This is more interesting, check it out, its the Icon Wars --Cari 23:16, 17 October 2006 (MDT)