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Website presentation and analysis

Everyone select one website to present (9/27 and 9/29) from a social network analysis perspective. Your selected website may include social media explicitly, or may contain music data that can be modeled as a network. Think about the following:

  • (a) How does the site work? What's its purpose and how is it organized?
  • (b) what sorts of musical data does the site contain?
  • (c) what kinds of networks can you extract from this site? Create one or two Pajek networks, together with partitions, and vectors.
  • (d) what sorts of interesting questions then arise? (It's often instructive to create two such networks, and then ask: how do they differ, and why?)

You might like to examine websites that center on music (e.g. or you could examine musical aspects of a more general-purpose site (e.g.,,, Draw a network from your selected site, create some Pajek files, and think up some interesting research avenues you could take. This could easily become your term project.

I've listed lots of ideas for you here. (see especially here)


Please sign up for websites by editing the following list (so that everyone chooses a different website to present):


Alyssa I keep changing my mind:

Lauren (

Chris,,, (All Record Label related sites)




Jeff -web of science




Chee Meng