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2009 Annual Meeting (54th): November 19-22, in Mexico City

The Society for Ethnomusicology will hold its 54th annual meeting, November 19-22, 2009, in Mexico City, hosted by Centro Nacional de Investigación, Documentación e Información Musical Carlos Chavez of the Instituto Nacional de los Artes (CENIDIM-INBA); Escuela Nacional de Música, Universidad Autónoma de México (ENM-UNAM); Escuela Superior de Música-INBA; Museo Nacional de Culturas Populares de la Dirección General de Culturas Populares (MNCPI-DGCPI); Escuela Nacional de Conservación, Restauración y Museografía (ENCRM) of the Instituto Nacional de Antropología (INAH); Comisión de los Pueblos Indios (CDI); Fonoteca del Centro Nacional de las Artes of the Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes (CNA-CONACULTA); and the Secretaría de Cultura del Departamento del Distrito Federal (SC-DDF).

For updates on all meeting arrangements, please visit the SEM website ( and select “Conferences.”

The annual Charles Seeger lecture will be delivered by Steven Feld, Distinguished Professor of Anthropology and Music at the University of New Mexico and Professor of Music Anthropology at the University of Oslo.

Please add your names, paper titles, and panel ideas for SAMR activities @ SEM 2009 on this page, by filing under one of the conference themes or adding a new topic. Click the edit button, and remember to save your changes. You may wish to insert your email in order to allow others to contact you.

Call for papers. When you submit your panel, please indicate "SAMR" as the sponsoring organization.

Abstract proposals should be submitted using the online forms available at under “Conferences.” Those without Internet access who require a paper copy of the submission form may contact the SEM Business Office at 812-855-6672 or to obtain a copy. The online and postmark deadline for submission of SEM proposals is March 16, 2009.

The Pre-Conference Symposium, to be held on November 18, will be devoted to the theme “Music Research in Mexico.”


The conference theme for the 2009 meeting will be “Borderless Ethnomusicologies.” Topics will include the following:

  1. Cultural Policy, Cultural Property, and Intangible Heritage
  2. Instruments and Organologies
  3. Ethnomusicology in the Megalopolis
  4. Musical Borderlands
  5. Social Dimensions of New Media
  6. Ethnomusicology of/in Mexico/Latin America

Proposals on any other topics relevant to the field of ethnomusicology are welcome. Workshops are also encouraged on the following: Professional Development, Copyright, Multiculturalist Pedagogies, Multimedia Scholarship, and other practical applications.

Please click to edit one of the following sections, according to the primary theme or format of your proposed session:

Cultural Policy, Cultural Property, and Intangible Heritage

Instruments and Organologies

Ethnomusicology in the Megalopolis

Musical Borderlands

Social Dimensions of New Media

Ethnomusicology of/in Mexico/Latin America

Other panel topics

Performances or Lecture-Demonstrations

Film/Video Programs

Poster (Media) Sessions

Workshops (participatory)