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  • note to self: download
    • Pajek
    • text2pajek
    • student files for 1.7
    • mf files for band-to-band and umm kulthum songs
  • Grading
    • Moodle mechanics:
      • grading on a 40 pt scale
      • make sure you're using the right browser, and don't click "send for marking". I think I've fixed problems related to number of file uploads.
      • some help is on the main page of our course site.
    • Exercises in book: when answers are given, try on your own first, then check and correct your own work. I know you can get them all, so there's no point in grading answers--your grade on these depends only on whether you've submitted something or not. But please write explanations of your answers in your own words, so I can see you've thought about the questions! If you simply list the letter answers, I can't tell what you got out of the assignment. The point, as always, is to learn!
  • 1.7 review:
    • two mode networks
    • separable clusters = partition!
    • your networks
  • Quiz review
  • Pajek mechanics
  • This course is (in part) a cutting-edge collaborative investigation of web-based social networks with relevance to music. Your final project can be an exploratory network analysis of one such site. Let's begin to find out what's out there on the web...
    • My example #1: band/album/artist connections in
      • (a) How does the site work? What's its purpose and how is it organized? Site includes albums, bands, and artist as vertices that link to one another, allowing the user to click on any vertex to see its neighbors.
      • (b) what sorts of musical data does the site contain? Albums, bands, artists, as well as album covers.
      • (c) what kinds of networks can you extract from this site? Create one or two Pajek networks, together with partitions, and vectors. band-to-band-data.txt ->
      • (d) what sorts of interesting questions then arise? (It's often instructive to create two such networks, and then ask: how do they differ, and why?) How does genre, gender, instrument, nationality vary along a path in this "small world" network?
    • My example #2: composer-lyricist pairings in
    • Presentations of your websites