Kwasi and Kofi Dunyo

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File:Kwasi Dunyo and Kofi.jpg
Kwasi Dunyo and Kofi (July 2008)

Name: Kwasi Dunyo and Kofi
Ages: 16 years old and 17 years old
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Dagbamete
Place of Residence: Accra, come to Dagbamete in the summer
Education: Senior High-school
Occupation: Students (just graduated)

According to Kwasi and Kofi, the change in music is mainly through the new lyrics that are brought to the shrine by the elders. At Easter, many people come from different places, and learn new songs during this time and this has been continuing for a long time. Therefore in their opinion, Easter festival combines old and new music. Moreover, nowadays microphones are used at the big festivals, and this change has only come about in the last four years. Electricity came to the village in 1998, and before 1998, electricity came from a generator plant. When asked about female drummers in the shrine, Kwasi’s response was that if they feel like doing it they can drum. The shrine brings in a many tourists and the new construction helps to accommodate more people. Kwasi’s favorite music is hip-hop, and in local music he likes Agbadza and Borborbor. Kwasi took classes with his father (Kwasi) but also learns from the shrine, whereas Kofi is a drummer and loves to play Agbadza and Borborbor. They say that everyone starts to learn when they are kids by watching others. Kids learn how to play the drums by watching at festivals. There is a teacher in Dzogadze who teaches a dance and drum trope. When I asked them what makes a good drummer? Kwasi replied that a good drummer knows different aspects of rhythm.

Interviewed by Hannah Searson and Leanne Arnison Summer 2008

Interview with Kofi Dunyo

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