Ghana 2008 timeline

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  • June 13: University of Ghana Legon campus tour.
  • June 14: Mandatory fieldtrip: Accra tour
  • June 15: Rest.
  • June 16-19: first week of classes on campus
  • June 19: mandatory afternoon fieldtrip: Prof John Collin's Highlife Music Institute (and lecture)
  • June 20: mandatory evening fieldtrip: Highlife Youth Band Competition in Medina (Prof John Collins will be adjudicating)
  • June 21-22: optional fieldtrip to Kokrobite beach; Ga music, dance, and culture training.
  • June 23-26: second week of classes on campus
  • June 26: mandatory afternoon fieldtrip: visit to Accra studios of Socrate Safo, one of the pioneers of the Ghanaian video film industry.
  • June 27-29: free weekend
  • June 30 - July 3: third week of classes on campus
  • July 3: mandatory afternoon fieldtrip: Aburi Gardens
  • July 4-6: optional fieldtrip to Kumasi and environs
  • July 7-10: fourth and final week of classes on campus
  • July 10: final performance on campus (Music 144); mandatory fieldtrip: farewell dinner, Prof. Nketia will present a lecture.
  • July 11: leave Legon for Dagbamete village, attend funeral
  • July 13: visit Dagbamete village shrine (Apetorku), and observe the ceremonies
  • July 14-17: first week of study in Dagbamete (performance, and fieldwork)
  • July 16?: attend music and dance performance at Dzogadze in the afternoon
  • July 18-20: optional fieldtrip to Cape Coast, Elmina, and Kakum forest.
  • July 21-25: second week of study in Dagabmete (performance, and fieldwork)
  • July 26: final performance in Dagbamete and party
  • July 27: visit shrine, complete final assignments, farewells...
  • July 28: leave Dagbamete for airport, or further travel

At Legon our class schedule is as follows:

  • 9:30 - 11:00 Music 365 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)
  • 11:30 - 1:00 MEAS 300 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)
  • 3:00 - 5:30 Music 144 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday; no class Thursdays)

Thursday afternoons and evenings are set aside for mandatory fieldtrips.

Mandatory fieldtrips during the last two weeks (in Dagbamete) will include visits to:

  • nearby village of Dzogadze, for traditional Ewe music and dance performance
  • local market

The cost of mandatory fieldtrips is covered by your program fees and tuition. Optional fieldtrips cost extra, usually from $100-$200 for transport, food, lodging, and entrance fees. You are strongly encouraged to attend all optional fieldtrips.