Francis Honu

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Name: Francis Honu
Age: 20 years old
Place of Birth: Ada
Place of Residence: Dagbamete
Profession: Mason

When I posed the question of how music has changed in Dagbamete his response was that the music scene hasn’t seen much change in the village because of the steadfast adherence to tradition. He went on to stress that drumming, dancing and singing of traditional songs were part of their daily lives. However these three performances had specific situations in which they were used. For instance, specific drumming and dancing were reserved only for the shrine, as well as used for certain crisis encounters. He claimed, if you are attacked or faced with certain unforeseen circumstances you could apply a certain dance and a remedy became visible. Asked as to what the name of the dance was, he failed to attach a name. What this indicated to me was either he was naïve or just not familiar with all aspects of the village traditions. Because at the start of our interview, he claimed he was not born in Dagbamete but his mom was from there that was why he moved there. As well, he’s been in the village for five years. He also expressed the community’s deep belief in African Traditional Religion. As to what roles women played, he claimed they played diverse roles as per dancing and drumming. He couldn’t elaborate any further. In addition, he indicated that their shrine is highly revered in the town, surrounding village, and cities. That is why there is a huge influx of visitors. He even went on to say certain pastors of revered churches come to the shrine for protective powers to increase their church membership and influence. Regarding human sacrifice, he claims modernity has changed the way they sacrificed. That is why animals are used instead of humans.

Interviewed by Ellis Agbenyega Summer 2009

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