Form of the Ayin

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(The Mevlevi sama` or hadra)

  1. Na`at-i serif, an ametric solo madih for the Prophet. (Poetry by Jalal al-Din Rumi; composition (in makam Rast) by Buhuriz Itri (d. 1712))
  2. Taksim (improvisation) on ney (reed flute)
  3. Pesrev (instrumental piece, 56/4 meter), while dervishes circle and salute (Devr-i Veled)
  4. Salam-i Evvel (first greeting; poetry by Rumi;14/8)
  5. Salam-i Sani (second greeting; poetry by Rumi; 9/8)
  6. Salam-i Salis (third greeting; Mevlevi poetry; several meters, increasing tempo)
  7. Selam-Rabi` (fourth greeting; Mevlevi poetry; in 9/8)
  8. Son pesrev (instrumental piece, in 4/4)
  9. Son yuruk sema`i (instrumental piece, in 6/8)
  10. Taksim (instrumental improvisation)
  11. Qur’anic recitation (tilawa); dancing stops