Ewe singer-composer-poets of Ghana CD

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Ewe singer-composer-poets of Ghana (ESCPG) CD project

Short form: http://bit.ly/NorvorCD


Kinka: traditional songs from Avenorpedo (Volta Region, Ghana) asdfasdf


Performer credits

Kwasi Norvor Afornorfe: composer, poet, lead singer

Production credits

  • all people mentioned on the cassette
  • Kelsey
  • Kreisha
  • Patrick


  • University of Alberta Faculty of Arts SAS grant
  • Dept of Music Presidents' Fund




  • Medo agoo na mi
  • Agbemefu wo
  • Gbet? nye t? goglo
  • Kugbeawo ta
  • Miva mido gbe da de South Africa ta
  • Africa dukpl?lawo
  • When my star will shine
  • Miv?gbet?


  • AblOde vua di go
  • Dze dom wo le
  • Gbe ka gOe mefo ve
  • Yehowa nye kplOla nye
  • Mele klo dzi na afetO


  • Miawo vua va agbo dzi
  • Midi vinyewo nam
  • HenO Amu be Ha ku na va
  • Nyigba li
  • Mele ku vOm
  • MeyOe metO o


If space permits: One track containing Kinka drumming call and response patterns (accompanied by transcription in the liner notes). However there may not be room - the cassette probably already contains nearly a CD's worth of music. Will have to check this.



4+1 booklet (color on the outside, b&w inside), 4+4 traycard (color on both sides), color CD face


450 words is absolute max for one page, and that's with 7pt type and basically no graphic element. 350 words/page would be closer to ideal, because that gives room to add in a heading, graphic element, or loosen up the text a bit (so it doesn't look so heavy).

Lose roughly 100 words for every picture placed on a page, if the page is quartered and one quarter is removed for an image.

Use Charis unicode font for Ewe characters: http://scripts.sil.org/CharisSILfont



Telescopic liner notes (moving from broader to narrower categories) Main source: Frishkopf MA thesis. Other sources: TBA

Preface: Orthography - Ewe letters and sounds

  1. Ewe people overview, history and culture, social organizations, performance/ritual life, with map indicating also location of recording
  2. Ewe music, generally. Contexts, concept of drum, with diagrams. Ref: literature on Ewe music, CDs available.
  3. funeral societies in Ewe society. General – refs. Lebene haborbor in particular. Typical performance contexts and content (e.g. siga and kinka)
  4. music and funeral societies. Provide typical context and content of performance, outlining roles of siga and kinka.
  5. Kinka drum detailed overview. Delineate structures and performance sections, in context of their use, special role of the composer - poets
  6. Active composer/singer tradition, for “new” recreational Ewe pieces, such as kinka. Ref. literature, mf thesis, new research.
  7. Norvor: bio, photos, interviews, other musicians.
  8. audio: track by track summary: texts (ewe & translation), norvor comments, notations for c/r by track


The following pages will contain mockups of each 2 page spread (one page each for the front and back). Note that all photos are b&w -- except for the front and the back. At least 1 page (perhaps 2) will contain the map. The last booklet page will probably contain credits, over a photo. (The back of the CD can contain track and publication info, but not a full credits list.)

click here for templates. Just download the one page spread and duplicate it 14 times to make your 28 page booklet.



back cover

CD face

MMS quote




Design. Current tasks are:

  • front cover of booklet (and CD), using pdf from cassette
  • map with new locations marked (to be used in booklet; taken from buduburam CD but in black & white)
  • running headers and footers, with page numbers and a creative flourish...perhaps using adinkra symbols, or small drum symbols
  • use of adinkra or small drum symbols to separate text blocks


  • format lyrics, alternating Ewe and English, all lower case (except names, "I"), using any symbol (e.g. '*') to separate stanzas
  • add title, title translation, and author for every song (sometimes the author may not be Norvor...)
  • add song description from Norvor interview to each lyrics pages
  • put pages in order, and check against recordings (I'll have to get you a copy of the CD)
  • format Norvor interview


  • select photos, esp. for tray (front and back), CD face, and back cover of booklet (all are color images)
  • add photos: village, of us (Cari, Patrick, Michael), of recording process (Gavin, Godwin)
  • add captions for each photo
  • add tech instructions to Kelsey for each photo (e.g. you want a black background, or small size, or...)
  • type using Charis font

Ideally perhaps we can think about a small graphic on each lyrics page - should be a closeup of face or instrument. Shorter songs may allow larger photos. We don't need one on absolutely every page, but perhaps on every 2-page spread there should be at least one photo.


  • assemble audio tracks
  • make sample audio cds for Cari, Patrick, Kelsey
  • assemble video clip if it's to be used
  • add transcriptions for some songs (scan thesis)
  • add transcriptions for drumming track (for instruction), using also Kwasi's instructions
  • write introductory pages