Do men or women sing more karoake?

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I started asking this question after I tracked the venues three times running and turned up roughly a 70-30% ratio of men to women singers. I got very definite, and very contrasting, answers to this question. Below are some of the variants.

(Excerpt from interview with Michelle Maga)

Melaena: Have you ever noticed—sorry, just keeping an eye on the tape—if there’s more men than women singing, or more women than men?

Michelle: Oh, usually more women.

Melaena: Why do you think that is?

Michelle: Because women are more social creatures. I think that has the biggest thing to do with it. Women aren’t as afraid to lay it on the line as men are, when it comes to their pride. It takes a lot of a certain kind of courage to get up there and look like a fool. Because that’s your biggest fear, is you’re going to get up there and you’re going to blow it and you’re going to look like a few.

(Excerpt from interview with Eva Pang)

Melaena: I’m curious now. I noticed here, and the other place I went to, there’s a lot more guys than girls that perform. Why do you think that is?

Eva: Um, I’ve actually never noticed that there are more guys, just except tonight. Tonight there seems to be a plethora. But you know, I think, if I had to think about it, I would think that guys—okay, this comes from my psychology background—guys tend to like to show off a little bit. And it gives them a safe venue to do that in. They’re kind of like, the peacock strutting his feathers, kind of thing? They can do that, and they know that everyone is going to clap. Whenever they cheer for them, it kind of boosts their ego a little.

(Excerpt from interview with Paul Dottler)

Melaena: So, have you ever noticed that there’s more men than women singing, or women than men singing?

Paul: It tends to be pretty evenly balanced.