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Delonghi is a name that is known for quality and innovation. Delonghi was founded in 1955 to make heating elements and has long been known for it's kitchen appliances. Delonghi espresso makers are one of their newest kitchen appliances, following on the heels of coffee makers, percolators and automatic drip coffee makers.

Delonghi is most famously known in the world of espresso makers for its Super Automatic Delonghi Magnifica espresso maker. The Delonghi Magnifica is a line of espresso machines that have the features most homeowners want in a coffee machine.

Delonghi espresso makers include conical burr grinders, 15 bar pumps, Thermo Block boilers and direct to brew systems that make them among the best of the best.

These top of the line features combine with its good looks, included frothing wand and a system that reheats instantly to allow for almost no downtime between espresso brews. With all of these features it is surprisingly affordable.

The Delonghi espresso maker is truly one of the best of the best in home espresso makers. The Magnifico is only one of their top line models. Other models include digital systems that allow users to program every aspect of the brew, including water temperature and brew size and time. These automatic makers allow for complete customization of the espresso.

Delonghi also has a patented Single Touch Cappuccino and Latte System which allow the espresso experience to be truly automated, right down to the frothed and steamed milk.

No automatic espresso experience would be complete without automatic cleanup. Automatic cleanup systems are an integral part of the Delonghi espresso lineups.

In addition to being the best of the best in terms of design, Delonghi espresso machine are also among the easiest to use. As with all automatic espresso makers, reading the instructions is paramount to being able to use the machine.

Automatic espresso makers, particularly digital ones with programmable keys, are typically only slightly difficult on the initial setup. After that, it is simply choosing the button that has the settings desired and waiting for the machine to produce results.

Steeped in History

Europeans have been relying on Delonghi's commitment to quality for decades. Homes in the United States have only been treated to their espresso lines since the start of the 21st century.

Since coming to the U.S., Delonghi has fast become a leader in the espresso machine market for both home and commercial use. In addition to designing makers for espresso, they have top quality drip coffee makers, percolators, coffee urns and grinders for both commercial and home use.

The Delonghi espresso maker is the perfect choice for individuals wanting both high quality espresso and a stylish appliance for their kitchen. With its reputation for quality, online reviews and several designs to choose from, it's easy to see why Delonghi is considered the best of the best by many.