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  • the DA-45HR is hooked up to the computer via the Mona Echo (digital/analog converter) using S/PDIF, which is a digital connection
  • click on the ECHO console icon to bring up the mixer
  • make sure the Digital In 1&2 are unmuted, choose D 1&2 as the Master output.


  • the S/PDIF digital in from the Mona records through channels 5&6. Under Audio choose:

Record Settings-->Device and Sample Format-->Record Through-->In 4 5&6

  • to monitor levels, be sure 'Monitor' is selected as an option under Record Settings
  • make sure you have set the correct sample rate. DAT is either 44.1 or 48kHz. The display on the DAT machine will tell you the sample rate of the tape inserted. Choose under Device and Sample Format-->Sample Rate
  • begin recording in Peak first, then press play on the DAT machine