Conversation: with Robert Kaiser - what Christian artists are out there? - 11 February 2008

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Monday, February 11, 2008

What Christian music is out there?

A man with long hair in a biker’s jacket - Robert Kaiser, explains that there is a separate market for Christians. The appeal is that the music is safe for Christians to listen to.

[3.2] There are some Christian bands who want to make it into the secular market, and for this reason they are not identifying themselves as a ‘Christian band.’ They are Christians, and they mention God and Jesus in their music, but they wish to penetrate that particular market with their music. (Switchfoot, for instance). Some of them are highly successful.

The Christian market is large. There are large buildings, such as Scott’s Parables in Red Deer, that deal exclusively in selling materials with the Christian in mind. This market is lucrative, so some bands are using the ‘Christian’ label to tap a secure market.

[3.3] He says that a lot of music can speak to Christians, even if there are some words used in them that some people might consider questionable; so long as the message is intact, the piece works. For instance, a hip-hop piece that he listened to contains a large amount of curse words, and yet, he said that the underlying message was glorifying to God despite this fact. [I suppose that it can reach some people that other music can't, but I do not particularly care for it. To each his own]