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Trio Tarana: jazz, African, South Asian, Middle Eastern fusion--meshes well with our world music ensemble offerings.


I just thought about whom I would like to invite for a concert if I was and Munich and we had funds; it is pretty difficult there to attrackt people to non-Western music, so I guess I would invite the band Kroke. I don't know if you've heard about them: they're a Jewish band (violin/viola, double bass, accordion) and their tunes are not entirely Western yet at the same time sound very familiar (there are some videos on youtube, for example )

They've also recorded an album with Nigel Kennedy in 2005, so they might be interesting for students of Western art music, too. I heard them 2001 in Cracow in a small cafe and they're just amazing!


Dhafer Youssef Official Website "... the Tunisian vocalist and oud virtuoso juxtaposes the ancient, mystical, hypnotic music of Islamic Sufism with the textures of electric jazz." (TIME OUT)

I've always dreamt of seeing him in concert, but never had the chance to.. Just listen to the samples in the link above; I think the music speaks for itself.

These are youtube videos for you to check out too:

Odd Poetry LIVE;



Tanya Kalmanovitch "Canadian violist and violinist Tanya Kalmanovitch operates at the intersection of contemporary jazz, classical music and free improvisation. She also maintains an active interest in cross-cultural improvisation, collaborating with sarangi player Aruna Narayan, Irish fiddler Martin Hayes, sitarist Shujaat Husain Khan, and the Irish traditional accordionist Peter Browne." "She frequently presents workshops on improvisation for string players, classical musicians, jazz musicians, and musicians in general in the Netherlands, Ireland, the United States, and the Czech Republic."