Collaborative discography pilot

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An experiment in collaborative scholarly authorship

Please contribute capsule reviews for your favorite CDs, representing the following regions of the ME, North Africa, and Central Asia. Please limit the review to a single paragraph, as follows:

  1. Very briefly (2-4 sentences), name and describe a musical domain, providing whatever background information you deem appropriate; optionally, include one or two important references.
  2. List one or more CDs documenting this domain, providing full publication information, plus a few sentences of commentary, for each, including: (a) 1-3 sentences sentence describing CD contents in general terms; (b) 1-3 sentences of critique.

Focus on CDs which would best enhance an introductory Middle Eastern and North African studies course: CDs should all be in print, readily available, and notable for their scholarly quality (notes, sound, or--ideally--both).

File your review under one of the pages listed below, or create more headings by editing this page.

(How to create a review? It's easy! Just click on the relevant link, edit the page (using the edit tab above), and type the review as a new paragraph, starting with an asterisk * and ending with your name and affiliation. Then save your changes using the "Save Page" button at the bottom of the window):

North Africa and Sahara

Nile Valley (Egypt and Sudan)




Turkey, Ottoman Empire, Turkic-speaking regions of Central Asia

Iran and Persianate world

Other areas adjoining MENA