Coding system for fieldnotes

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This is the coding system that I have finally decided to adopt for my fieldnotes.

1: Portable Music Data Player and C4C

1.1: Type, number, ownership, both their own and of friends, real or perceived

1.2: Personal experiences using such a device (e.g. when and why they listen to their iPod)

1.3: Use in secular social contexts (e.g. in gym workouts)

1.4: Creative uses

2: Role of music in a Christian setting (in this case, C4C)

2.1: as a social enabler

2.2: as a mood changer

2.3: as an aural cue

2.4: as a route to catharsis

3: Christian Music

3.1: Worship

3.2: Bands and genres

3.3: Discerning music that is Christian or non-Christian

What do these three categories have in common? They sum up the life world that C4C students experience in relation to their portable music data players.