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'Top Off Your OutfitIt's easy to transform your Hermes scarf into a sexy halter. Organizing Earth energiesFacilitating UFO activities and sightingsGuiding the migration patterns of birdsDictating volcanic activityDirecting gravity and antigravity activitiesDefining the ridges on mountain topsDirecting the movements of ocean currents. Certain individuals , not of the priesthood, began to rise to power and change the systems, which resulted in disaster.

This time, the purpose of the priesthood is to assist the Earth to enter the Fifth Dimension. Souls like Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, Hippocrates, Athena, Akhnaton, Isis, Jesus, Mother Mary, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammad, Shakespeare, Solomon, Moses, Sai Baba, Gandhi, and Quan Yin are only a few who were sent to Earth by the Order. This is being completed by the Celestial Hierarchy with all who have given permission to have it ding resides on various wave lengths, so that individuals receive only the symbolic coding that matches their levels of consciousness.