Charles Owen Research notes

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  • from Folk Music from Nova Scotia liner notes:
  • What Harm has Jesus Done You? Sung by Charles Owens and family, June 1953
  • Bridgetown NS
  • family would gather together at a moment’s notice and sing solo, unison or in harmony for hours
  • sometimes would accompany one another or themselves on guitar or banjo, other times a capella
  • Charles was 99 at the time of this recording, tall, fine looking; still walked and played the drum and testified for the Salvation Army
  • recorded him again at age 100, still singing at age 101, the year of his death
  • other members of his family could be seen on television, in the CBC show Land of the Old Songs, where they sing sitting on a bank beyond a lily pond
  • slave descendants whose ancestors brought the song with them when they migrated from the US