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1.Afghanistan. On Marco Polo's Road: The Musicians of Kunduz and Faizabad. Multicultural Media, 1997. MY OFFICE

2.Afghanistan Untouched. Recordings and liner notes by Mark Slobin. Traditional Crossroads, 2003. MY OFFICE

3.A Musical Journey through Uzbekistan. From Samarkand to Bukhara. Long Distance 1996. MY OFFICE

4.Asie Centrale. Les maîtres du dutôr (Ouzbékistan, Tadjikistan, Turkmenistan, Khorassan). Recordings and liner notes by J. During. AIMP/ VDE-Gallo CD 735, 1993. RESERVE

5.Asie Centrale. Traditions Classiques. Recordings and liner notes by J. During and T. Levin. Ocora/Radio France C 560035-36, 1993. RESERVE

6.At the Bazaar of Love: The Ilyas Malayev Ensemble. Shanachie 64081, 1997.

7.Avesto. Ethno pop from Tadjikistan. Double Moon CHRDM 71501, 2001. MY OFFICE

8.Badakhshan. Pamir: chants et musiques du toit du monde. Recordings and liner notes by S. Kasmaï. Buda Records 92744-2, 1992. MY OFFICE

9.Before the Revolution. A 1909 Recording Expedition in the Caucasus and Central Asia by the Gramophone Company. Compilation and text by Will Prentice. British Library Sound Archive/Topic Records, 2002. MY OFFICE

10.Bukhara: Musical Crossroads of Asia. Smithsonian/Folkways Recordings 1991. RESERVE

11.Davlatmand: Musiques savantes et populaires du Tadjikistan. Recordings by P. Simonin, liner notes by S. Kasmaï. Inedit W 260038, 1992/2001. MY OFFICE

12.Falak: The Voice of Destiny. Traditional, popular and symphonic music of Tajikistan. Recordings, text and compilation by Federico Spinetti. British Library Sound Archive/Topic Records, 2006. RESERVE

13.Invisible Face of the Beloved. Classical Music of the Tajiks and Uzbeks. Liner notes by Theodore Levin and Abduvali Abdurashidov. Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, 2005. (Includes film and interactive DVD). RESERVE

14.Mad?hkh?n?, Ghazalkh?n?, Dafs?z. Religious Music from Badakhshan. Recordings by J. van Belle, liner notes by J. van Belle and G. van den Berg. Pan Records 2036CD, 1997. MY OFFICE

15.Music of Central Asia, Tadjikistan. King Records, 1992. MY OFFICE

16.Music of the Bukharan Jewish Ensemble Shashmaqam: Central Asia in Forest Hills, New York. Smithsonian/Folkways Recordings 1991. RESERVE

17.Musique Tadjike du Badakhshan. Recordings and liner notes by J. During. Auvidis-UNESCO D 8212, 1993. RESERVE

18.Ouzbékistan. L'art du dot?r. Hamidov, Khod?verdiev, Razzaqov. Recordings and liner notes by Jean During. Ocora/Radio France, 1997. RESERVE

19.Ouzbékistan. Les grandes voix du passé (1940-1965). Ocora/Radio France, 1999. RESERVE

20.Ouzbékistan. Monâjât Yultchieva. Ocora/Radio France, 1994. RESERVE

21.Ouzbékistan. Musique classique instrumentale. Recordings by J. During and R. Sultanova, liner notes by R. Sultanova. AIMP/VDE-Gallo, 1998. MY OFFICE

22.Ouzbékistan. Turgun Alimatov. Ocora/Radio France, 1995. RESERVE

23.Secret Museum of Mankind. Central Asia. Ethnic Music Classics: 1925-48. Edited by P. Conte. Yazoo/Shanachie, 1996. MY OFFICE

24.Tadjikistan. Aqnazar: Raqs. Buda Musique 822672, 2002. MY OFFICE

25.Tadjikistan. Chants des bardes. Recordings and liner notes by J. During. AIMP/VDE-Gallo CD 973, 1998. RESERVE

26.Tadjikistan: Falak. Goltchereh Sadikova. Recordings and liner notes by S. Kasmaï. Fonti Musicali FMD 192, 1992. My OFFICE

27.Tadjikistan: Maqâm Navâ. Jurabeg Nabiev & Ensemble Dorrdâne. Recordings and liner notes by J. During. Ocora/Radio France, 1997. RESERVE

28.Tadjikistan. Musiques Populaires du Sud. Recordings by S. Kasmaï, liner notes by S. Kasmaï and H. Lecomte. Fonti Musicali FMD 189, 1991. MY OFFICE

29.The Rough Guide to the Music of Central Asia. Compilation and liner notes by S. Broughton. World Music Network RGNET 1129CD, 2005. RESERVE

30.The Silk Road. A Musical Caravan. Liner notes by Jean During and Ted Levin. Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, 2002. RESERVE

31.Uzbekistan: Music of Khorezm. Auvidis/UNESCO 1996.

32. Daler Nazarov. Behtarin az Behtarin.

33. Sitorahoi Tojik 2004 [Tajik Stars of 2004]. VCD

34. Farzin: Tajikkenium.

35. Sevara Nazarkhan: Yol Bolsin. Real World Records 2003.

36. Gulchehra Soqidova: Duoi modar.

37. Parvina Shukrulloeva: Sohili Ishq.

38. Manizha Davlatova: Sarnavishti man.