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Name: Bungalow
Place of Residence: Dagbamete
Profession: Husband of Assemblywoman

My interview with him was more of a defensive response from his standpoint. I say this because when I asked him about the state and change of music scene in Dagbamete? His response, to sum it up in a few words, was, ‘it’s gotten better! As to how he saw it that way, he replied, no aspects of the music culture or tradition as a whole has seen any changes. To him, the same pattern that was used in the 70’s is still being maintained without any refashioning or remodeling. He even attributed to the upcoming school musicfest as an example of how the music culture is alive and thriving very well in their community. He explained that because of the enthusiasm involved in this event, it’s seen better organization regionally, zonally and locally. As to if this musical festival contributes to any monetary infusion or job creation in the community he replied, "no"! To the contrary, keeping their tradition alive was more essential. As well, to him, the role of women had been very significant in all aspects of the community. However he didn’t support it with any details or metric of measurement. I would say he applauded the involvement of women. Perhaps his own wife is the non salaried assembly woman of the community. Note: it was quite difficult eliciting information from him.

Interviewed by Ellis Agbenyega Summer 2009

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