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After you have decided to have a Disney themed weddings, the next step is for you to figure out the exact Disney theme you would prefer to have for your wedding. You can decide between peacock themed weddings, blue themed weddings, winter themed weddings, a fairytale theme, a fun theme, among a number of other themed weddings offered by Disney. This article will give you some tips with respect to you getting the Disney themed wedding you have always dreamed of. Music is important at weddings and as such, people usually tend to place a lot of emphasis on the type of music they want as well as when particular music should be played; for instance when the bride is marching up and when the couple is dancing their first dance, etc. With a Disney themed wedding, there is no difference. As such, you can have Disney music playing all throughout your wedding or at specific periods when you want it to be played. There is a CD that has a great compilation of Disney songs. This CD is named the Disney Fairytale Wedding CD and you can access these from for approximately US $20.00. These are wonderful instrumental Disney love songs. With respect to the wedding attire, when you are planning a Disney themed wedding for either peacock themed weddings, blue themed weddings, winter themed weddings or any of the other themes that Disney offers, the couple can choose to dress up in Disney attire; the Cinderella gown and tiara are usually a very popular, but there is usually attire accessible for the groom and the groomsmen as well, such as Disney vests and ties and more extravagant outfits depending on the type of themed wedding you will be having. The bridesmaid can also find some gorgeous Disney themed jewelry to wear as well. The food for your Disney themed wedding can be decided from their well-known recipes, and these recipes can be found online. You can choose to either have plated service or buffet style at the wedding; this is truly up to you and your preference. The cake is also a big part of any wedding, but more so for a Disney themed wedding since there are so many great possibilities with respect to the cake itself, but also for the toppers for the cake. The cakes can be made as the head of Mickey Mouse complete with the ears and all, as well as whichever other Disney character you want either the entire cake or your cake topper to be, and this will be a hit for Disney Themed Weddings.

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