Bayyati ostinato

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Bayyati Ostinato

Establish the following ostinato. Melody instruments can play the melodic portion heterophonically. One person (melodic or percussion) is designated as soloist, performing taqsim (or layali) "ala al-wahda", on the beat.

percussion: (8 beats, based on ciftetelli)

D.TT.TT.D.D.T... (tabla, duff)
D..T..T.D.T.T... (riqq) (shakers, jingles)

Tabla should add fills, especially in the last 1.5 beats. Note that the shaker is moving twice as fast as the others.

Try shifting 8 beat ciftetelli to twice maqsum, or four times bamb (tabla, duff, riqq); shakers and jingles are maintained

melody: (8 beats)

2.. 2.....

Note that each unit of time is half the duration of the units for tabla, duff, and riqq. Here numerals refer to maqam Bayyati, where

6 = A3 (below middle C)
7 = B3d (B half flat, below middle C)
1 = C4 (middle C)
2 = D4 (tonic or qarar)
3 = Ed4 (E half flat)
4 = F4
5 = G4 (dominant or ghammaz)

Repeat the ostinato subsituting hijaz and saba for bayyati.