Bamboo Shield program, Dec 15 2011

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Special CCE program for the Bamboo Shield program - Centre for Race and Culture, Edmonton.

9 am to 11:30, starting at CCE/fwa and then moving to Studio 27 for drumming/dancing.

11 students, ages 12-14, from various places around the world: 3 from Myanmar (Burma), 1from Iraq, 2 from Sudan, 1 from Sudan/Uganda, 1 from Somalia, 2 from Ethiopia, 1 from Tanzania

Accompanied by Miss Elsa Robinson (program coordinator), Miss Heather Kuzyk (teacher), and Miss Mariam (doctoral student/teacher)

Roughly 10-20 min for each segment:

  • Welcome, introductions
  • Michael Frishkopf on ethnomusicology, CCE and its collections, research and teaching we do around the world. Introduce CCE projects in Ghana and Liberia, via AV:
  • Kat Danser: Down by the Riverside, talk about the music, the experience
  • Jon Kertzer - talk about SF and folkwaysAlive? West African popular music, musical instruments
  • Rana El Kadi: al-Hilwa Di, talk about the music and composer (I'll bring percussion and keyboard) [1][2]
  • Cam Neufeld - demonstrate/talk about (Balkan music?)
  • Tour CCE/fwa museum cases, instruments, collections...
  • MF, Elsa, Jon K. teach some West African music and dance (Gahu) in Studio 27 - if time allows