Audio Recording Metadata - 7 March 2006

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Metadata for this recording session

Date: March 7/ 2008

Time: 4:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., closer at 5:15 p.m.-5:25 p.m.

Place: University of Alberta Education Building, North Wing ED 2-115


Richard Clark Sound Engineer

Dustin Stewart Djembe

Zach Hein Guitar

Erinn Webb Lead Vocals

Sophia Leung Backup Vocals and Piano

Recording Equipment

Microphone: Sony ECM-999PR Electret Condenser Microphone, set to 100 degrees XY fan and positioned at the back and centre of the hall.

Recorder: HHB Portadisc MDP500 Minidisc Recorder and Sony 60-minute minidisc, transferred over to Mac Pro via line in and separated into tracks with Audacity

Track List

01 – Practice Song (Holy Moment) 5:58

02 – Preamble – Welcome Message 1:36

03 – Holy Moment 3:28 Matt Redman

04 – The Power of Your Love 4:44 Lincoln Brewster/Hillsong

05 – Jesus, Lover of My Soul 3:51 Paul Oakley

06 – Your Love, O Lord 4:22 Collaboration/Third Day

07 – Lord, You Have My Heart 3:24 Martin Smith/Delirious

08 – Call for the Final Song 1:22

09 – We Fall Down 4:29 Chris Tomlin


Problems and Glitches

Thankfully, there is no distortion whatsoever on the recording. There was a practice song to adjust to. Unfortunately, there was someone nearby working on something that had keys hanging on a lanyard, and their dangling is clearly heard in some spots. In other spots, the door in the back of the hall opens and closes.

Holy Moment – 0:29, 0:45: something got bumped close to the mic.

The Power of Your Love – 0:05: stupid keys... 1:30: a sound somewhere close to the mic

Jesus, Lover of My Soul – none. Zip. Zero. A perfect copy.

Your Love, O Lord – No glitches here, either.

Lord, You Have My Heart – No glitches.

We Fall Down – No glitches.