Anne Halderman Research Notes

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  • sung by Anne’s mother, Luda Augusta (Yeomans) Lee in Ontario as “The Poor Lone Girl in Ontario”
  • brought to Manitoba in 1882 when Anne’s mother came west
  • Anne sang it as a small child
  • later came to teach in Saskatchewan and changed the words to suit the Saskatchewan picture
  • all people mentioned in the song actually lived around the Regina beach area
  • organist, choir member, supporter of Centre St. United Church
  • led a retirees orchestra, the Supertonics, in Weslaco Texas where she wintered until 1999
  • Very active in the Co-op movement, founding member of Sahunavon Savings and Credit Union, active in the CCF and the NDP, supported medicare during its introduction in 1962
  • from Folksongs of SK liner and Anne Halderman's obituary