Andalusian poetry

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Refrain appears in italics. Qurro is a male dancer; 'Villager' is a musical play to be performed.

Greetings to you, greetings to you \\ I'll be soon with you!

Prepare the kettle drum \\ and take the framedrum in hand

Hurry, hurry, the castanets, \\ Let no one be remiss in playing them!

And if a tambourine were available, \\ the addition would be excellent,

And the reed, my friends, \\ The reed, will revive you.

Cover Qurro for me \\ In an inclined veil,

Let him wear a taffeta robe \\ with a full embroidered flag.

Let there be amulets upon him \\ Like those that come from Babylon.

Don't nap, by God \\ For I know you well!

Your 'Villager' is waiting, \\ Enliven the stage!

Whoever gets out of tune, \\ Slap him on the nape of the neck!

Zuhra, Maryam, Aysha, \\ Where are you? Get moving!

Ululate O little whores with him who leads you...

--Ibn Quzman (c. 1086-1160)


Hubb (love)


Within me he has set a fire \\ that blazes uncontrollably all the while.

It is but cool and wholesome in his cheeks, \\ But in my bowels it is hot and burning,

The law of love makes him a fierce, bay lion, \\ And yet I fancy him a fawn

--Ibn Sahl (1212-51)