Amnesty International - small places, Oct 18 2008

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Concert title:

Raise your Voice for Rights: a world music concert in celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Presented by the Canadian Centre for Ethnomusicology, University of Alberta, as part of Amnesty International Canada's small places tour, and Music for Human Rights

Featuring local performers from the Canadian Centre for Ethnomusicology and the Department of Music at the University of Alberta

‘Human rights begin in small places close to home’. - Eleanor Roosevelt, a leading human rights advocate, who helped draft the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

When: Saturday, Oct 18, 8 PM
Where: Convocation Hall, University of Alberta (between Rutherford Library and Business]
Tickets: $10 students, $15 others - available at the door
Contact: Dr Michael Frishkopf, Assoc Director of the Canadian Centre for Ethnomusicology, support of seven individuals and communities


Facebook event

For performers only:

Thanks for participating in the Oct 18 small places event in Convocation Hall. This concert is being produced by CCE people, with support from Amnesty International Canada and their small places tour program.

Please edit this page to add technical requirements for your performance (instruments you'll be playing; chairs, microphones, cables you'll need; positioning). We also have a rear-projection screen in the room, with internet connection. If you wish send me an image or web page to be projected on the screen behind you while you perform, please send them to me. If you want an web page just add the URL below. I assume most of us will perform solo, but if you want to bring in one or two others that's fine - just include all the tech requirements for your group, and add their names too.

Please also include an estimate of how long you'd like to perform. Let's say 15 minutes or so at the most.

If you know what you'll perform (title/composer/lyricist) you can add that, so I can write up a program. If you don't know yet, add that part later.

How to write these wiki pages

Kat Danser

Tag Line: Kat Danser is one part juke joint, one part plow puller and two parts dusty ol' canvas revival tent. Her music is an original, acoustic blend of roots, blues and gospel music."

Set: Kat will play (3) original blues/roots/gospel with a total set length of 15 minutes. All compositions copyright (c) 2008 Kat Danser Music (SOCAN/ASCAP).

Song 1: My Baby Song 2: Glory, Glory Hallelujah Song 3: Keep On Movin'

Tech Rider: (1) Armless Chair, (1) Vocal Microphone, (1) Telescopic Mic Stand, (1) XLR Output, (1) Side table, (2) Monitor wedges


SOUNDCHECK: Saturday, 6:15

Michael MacDonald

5 minutes - one solo banjo piece

Tendai Muparutsa

15 minutes

  • solos
  • with Niyati Dhokai: an instrumental duet on a song Tendai wrote. He will play guitar and she will play violin

SOUNDCHECK: Saturday, 6:00

Matt Love, Rana Al Kadi, Niyati Dhokai, Tendai Muparutsa, Nicole LeBihan

We will have four players, and three songs, which will last 15 minutes

1- Watermelon Sugar (composed by Matt's band "The Waiters")
2- Bleak (composed by Rana)
3- The Beach (composed by Matt's band "The Waiters")

Tendai - percussion
Niyati - violin
Matt - acoustic guitar
Rana - acoustic guitar, vocals

We will need four instrumental mics, and one vocal mic.

2 for certain, and possibly 3 or 4 chairs (sans arms) will be needed. I will try to find out for certain on 10/7/2008.

SOUNDCHECK: Saturday, 5:40


Michael Frishkopf

One 5 minute piano solo, "a dream from 40,000"

Tech needs: piano

Soundcheck: Saturday, 5:35

Kreisha Oro

3 songs, 12-15 minutes

Bio: Long-time activist, musician and philosopher, Kreisha Oro raises her drum, guitar and voice for just causes across all seasons. Provocative, melancholy AND fiery, her music is a call for change-from the personal to the political to the spiritual.

Original Compositions:

1) Indigo Akademia with a nod to UB40
by KREISHA: acoustic guitar/vocals

2) Navigating My Way (7 Generations)
by KREISHA: djembe/vocals +audience participation

3) Semantic Spaces: Experiments in Social Stenography
by KREISHA: spoken word/vocals

TECH NEEDS: 1 armless chair, 1 vocal mic, 1 instrument mic (first song on guitar + voc, second song on djembe+voc, third piece standing vocals) POSITIONING: any

SOUNDCHECK: Saturday, 5:20

Jill Younghusband, Russell Baker, Patrick Strain, Terry Nadasdi

  • This Life That's Lent To You
  • Looks Like Love

15 minutes total

SOUNDCHECK: Saturday, 5 pm