Alli El Korban (Alleluya)

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Divide your practice into sections, so it's easier to learn for people who can't read music, and for people who are feeling overwhelmed because of its length. Please listen to sections and learn them in this order:

Section A: Measure 11 to beginning of measure 19 OR from 25 sec mark to 47 sec mark

Section B: End of Measure 19 to beginning of measure 34 OR from 47 sec mark to 1:28 min mark (Section B repeats from the 1:28 min mark to 2:07 min mark OR until the beginning of measure 49)

Section C: Measure 49 to beginning of measure 64 OR from 2:07 min mark to 2:47 min mark

Section D: Measure 64 to beginning of measure 75 OR from 2:48 min mark to 3:20 mark

Section E: Measure 75 to beginning of measure 79 OR from 3:20 min mark to 3:29 min mark

  • Notes:

End of measure 71 to beginning of measure 75 repeats till measure 79

Other sections with similarities can be found on the 3rd page as well like measure 95 to measure 99 and measure 110 to the end)