445 Listening Assignment

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Listening Assignment

Due Date: TUESDAY, APRIL 12, 9:30 AM

Choose a major electroacoustic work between 7 and 15 minutes in length. Listen to this piece and get to know it. Learn as much as you can about the piece and how it was created. Pay special attention to:

  • Techniques: what kinds of techniques can you hear? What can you find out about how the piece was made? Is it synthesized? Is it based on recordings of objects or spaces? Can you identify specific synthesis techniques (additive/subtractive/FM/granular/LPC/etc)
  • What is the quality of the music? Is it rhythmic, timbral, textural? What are the primary sonic features?
  • What was the composers intention? Are there extra-musical associations in the music? Is this music responding to any particular cultural values, and if so, can you identify them?

For this assignment, you will write a five page (typed, double-spaced) paper describing the music in detail, and including information you can learn about its creation, reception, and your analysis of the music.

In addition, these pieces will be presented on the New Music Listening Group series, (see main wiki page for dates). You will be asked to give a brief introduction to the piece before it is presented. Please make sure you identify the piece you intend to study, and let me know BEFORE the concert for which you have been assigned. See the listening list on the wiki for more information about where to find pieces.