3 November 2010

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Please join us on Wednesday November 3, from 12 - 1 PM, at the Canadian Center for Ethnomusicology (3-47 Old Arts Building), University of Alberta, to celebrate the release of kinka: traditional songs from avenorpedo, featuring the creative work of Ghanaian poet-composer, Kwasi Norvor Afornorfe.

kinka: traditional songs from avenorpedo is an audio recording produced in Ghana in July 2007 (in collaboration with a Ghanaian NGO, and with participation from Ghana summer program students), released initially as a cassette tape for local Ghanaian distribution (fall 2007), and now available as an audio CD supplemented by a 40 page ethnographic booklet, containing historical, cultural, and musical background, interviews, song lyrics, translations, a map, and photos.

The recordings feature traditional Ewe vocal and percussion music from Ghana's Volta Region (similar to the music performed by the University of Alberta's West African Music Ensemble), especially songs from the drum-dance style called Kinka, most of them composed by the well-known Ewe composer Kwasi Norvor Afornorfe. The project is currently being extended with the development of a website http://kinkadrum.org, supplementing the CD with audio, video, images, and notations, and providing additional documentation about Kinka and Ewe music generally.

The entire project is conceived as action research ethnomusicology in collaboration with an Ewe music community, supporting local artists and championing local music culture locally (in the face of local and global music industries), while educating a global listenership, and providing a valuable tool for classroom use. On Wednesday project participants -- including myself, Justina Watt and Patrick Smith -- will talk about the project. We'll also play audio samples, and screen slides and videos.

CDs are $15 each - all income is returned to the musicians - and will be available for sale at the release. (They make fine Christmas gifts!) For more information or to order a CD please email me: michael@kinkadrum.org Thank you for your support, and hope to see you on Wednesday!


Michael Frishkopf

This cassette/CD project was made possible by generous grants from the Support for the Advancement of Scholarship Fund (Faculty of Arts) and the President's Fund (Department of Music) at the University of Alberta.

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