27 October 2010

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Hello Everyone,

Tomorrow Matt and Laryssa will be our guests. They are both going to be presenting papers at the upcoming Society for Ethnomusicology conference in Los Angeles. On Wednesday they will present to us as they would at the conference.

Matt will be presenting on his research into Hutterite choral music, examining it at the intersection of tradition and change. The title of his paper is "Secular Encounters in Sacred Time: Mass Media and Mass Culture on Hutterite Colonies."

Laryssa will be presenting on some of her MA research in South Africa, focusing on gospel singer/HIV-AIDS activist Musa Njoko and HIV- positive choir Siphithemba. Through their music, they aim to change perceptions about people living with HIV/AIDS. She'll also discuss some of the means by which their performances seem to be bringing about change.

Wednesday October 27th, 12 - 1 pm - Arts 347

See you there!

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