260 Assignment 3

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Assignment 3 : Piano Study exploring new harmonic ideas

Due Date: THURSDAY, FEB 3, 11:00 AM

For this assignment, write a short (1-2 pages) piano study that explores harmonic ideas (other than standard diatonic major and minor). This piece should be for standard piano playing; please avoid inside-the-piano work for this exercise. Examples of types of harmonic ideas you could explore include, but are not limited to:

  • Quartal or Quintal harmony
  • Whole tone scale
  • Pentatonic scale
  • Octatonic scale
  • Other modes or scales of your choice (excluding traditional major/minor)
  •  ???

Please turn this in using standard notation. You may write out this assignment by hand, but I encourage you to use this as an opportunity to learn computer typesetting software if you are unfamiliar with it. Future assignments will require computer-generated notation.