16 March 2011

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message sent to the list-serv:

Hello Everyone,

Next Week we will be having a "Hot Topic" discussion. (Thanks to Kat for the idea!) The "Hot Topic" up for discussion, conversation, and debate will be copy right issues as they pertain to ethnomusicology and fieldwork, publication etc.

Michael MacDonald will be leading the discussion. Michael is "an ethnomusicologist of popular music at the University of Alberta currently holding a postdoctoral teaching and research fellowship in Canadian Folk Music. His research area focusses on folk music and community collective action and its interface with the industrialization of music culture. He is particularly interested in the role folk music plays in the production of a folk subjectivity and the role this social identity may play in the creation of more equitable and just societies."

12 - 1p,m, Arts 347
Wednesday March 16th

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