(Record) transfer to CD

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1. Insert recordable audio CD, display will read “TOC READING"

  • unbalanced analog input is the default setting, this can be ensured, or changed, using the Input Selection key


2. Press REC, display will read “NOW OPC”, then advance to track 1 00:00, the machine is now in REC/PAUSE and will be monitoring input level.

  • the level of analog audio signal can be controlled using the Rec Level dial
  • levels exceeding “OVER” on the display meter will cause distortion, however levels that are too low will not produce an optimal recording either
  • levels should average -6 to -8 dB with highest levels never exceeding 0db
  • short percussive sounds that occasionally hit OVER are generally not a problem but should be closely monitored.

3. Press PLAY (or un-PAUSE) to begin recording

  • PAUSE will stop recording and return to record ready mode.
  • PLAY will resume recording
  • STOP will bring into stop mode and the display will read “PMA WRITING”

A new track will automatically be created when resuming recording after pausing or stopping—it is not possible to pause and continue recording without the creation of a new track number.

click here for more about inserting track numbers (indexing)

4. Press STOP to prepare CD for finalization

  • display will read “PMA WRITING” then show total recorded time
  • in STOP mode there is also the option to resume recording by pressing REC and returning to REC/PAUSE

5. Press FINALIZE then push in the MULTI DIAL control to proceed

the CD will not be readable by other CD players unless it is finalized!