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Canadian Slavonic Papers

Revue canadienne des slavistes

An Interdisciplinary Journal
Devoted to Central and Eastern Europe

Volume 54 • Nos. 1-2 • March-June / mars-juin 2012


ARTICLES [abstracts]

Julia Babicheva 1 Language of Advertisements in Contemporary Russian Women’s Magazines: Value Orientations in Krest'ianka, Karavan istorii, and Samaia
Eduard Baidaus 27 War, Diplomacy, and “Family Affairs” in Seventeenth-Century Eastern Europe: Moldavia in the Danubian Policy of Bohdan Khmelnytsky (1648–1653)
Carolyn Harris 61 The Succession Prospects of Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna (1895–1918)
Mirya R. Holman and Renat Shaykhutdinov 87

The Chechen War and an Emerging Gender Gap in Russia

Elena Krevsky 113

Arkadii Gaidar, the New Socialist Morality, and Stalinist Identity

Erik McDonald 133 The Lovers of Venice: Musset’s Works and Life in Kuzmin’s A New Rolla
Paul A. Karpuk 151 Reconstructing the Real Works of Nikolai Gogol'—All of Them
Taras Koznarsky 167 Ukrainian Literary Scholarship in Ukraine Since Independence
Lars T. Lih 185 The Non-Geometric Elwood
Maxim D. Shrayer 215 The jews Jews of Russian Literature


A. J. Demoskoff 221 Sergius Bulgakov. The Burning Bush: On the Orthodox Veneration of the Mother of God. Thomas Allan Smith, trans.

Olga Bakich 222 Bruce A. Elleman and Stephen Kotkin, eds. Manchurian Railways and the Opening of China. An International History.
Thomas J. Garza 224 Stephen Hutchings and Natalia Rulyova. Television and Culture in Putin’s Russia: Remote Control.
Christine D. Worobec 225

John MacKay, trans. and ed. Four Russian Serf Narratives.

Johanna Granville 227 Kati Marton. Enemies of the People: My Family’s Journey to America.
Dinah Jansen 228 Anthony Anemone, ed. Just Assassins: The Culture of Terrorism in Russia.
James Krapfl 230 Günter Bischof, Stefan Karner, and Peter Ruggenthaler, eds. The Prague Spring and the Warsaw Pact Invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968.
Nicholas Tyrras 232 Predrag Cicovacki and Maria Granik, eds. Dostoevsky’s Brothers Karamazov: Art, Creativity, and Spirituality.
Tracy McDonald 234 Liubov Denisova. Rural Women in the Soviet Union and Post-Soviet Russia. Irina Mukhina, ed. and trans.
Colum Leckey 235 Amanda Ewington. A Voltaire for Russia: A. P. Sumarokov’s Journey from Poet-Critic to Russian Philosophe.
Svitlana Krys 237 Thomas J. Garza, comp. The Vampire in Slavic Cultures.
Sally A. Boniece 239 Anna Geifman. Death Orders: The Vanguard of Modern Terrorism in Revolutionary Russia.

Daniel F. Giblin 240 David M. Glantz. Barbarossa Derailed: The Battle for Smolensk, 10 July–10 September 1941. Volume 1: The German Advance to Smolensk, the Encirclement Battle, and the First and Second Soviet Counteroffensives, 10 July–24 August 1941.
Kevin M. Kain 242 Scott M. Kenworthy. The Heart of Russia. Trinity-Sergius, Monasticism and Society After 1825.
Sean Gillen 243 Irina Paert. Spiritual Elders: Charisma and Tradition in Russian Orthodoxy.
John Givens 245 Lyudmila Parts, ed. The Russian Twentieth Century Short Story: A Critical Companion.

Paul Robinson 246 Gudrun Persson. Learning from Foreign Wars: Russian Military Thinking 1859–73.
Heather J. Coleman 247 A. Iu. Polunov. K. P. Pobedonostsev v obshchestvenno-politicheskoi i dukhovnoi zhizni Rossii.
Norma C. Noonan 249 Gulnaz Sharafutdinova. Political Consequences of Crony Capitalism Inside Russia.
Alexander Hill 250 Alexander Statiev. The Soviet Counterinsurgency in the Western Borderlands.
Benjamin Tromly 251 Sergei I. Zhuk. Rock and Roll in the Rocket City: The West, Identity, and Ideology in Soviet Dniepropetrovsk, 1960–1985.
Russell Scott Valentino 252 Brian James Baer, ed. Contexts, Subtexts and Pretexts: Literary Translation in Eastern Europe and Russia.
J. A. Dunn 254 Brian P. Bennett. Religion and Language in Post-Soviet Russia.
Roxane Samson-Paquet 255 Malte Griesse. Communiquer, juger et agir sous Staline. La personne prise entre ses liens avec les proches et son rapport au système politico-idéologique.
Auri C. Berg 257 Igal Halfin. Red Autobiographies: Initiating the Bolshevik Self.
Robert Niebuhr 258 Swanee Hunt. Worlds Apart: Bosnian Lessons for Global Security.
David R. Andrews 259 Ludmila Isurin. Russian Diaspora: Culture, Identity and Language Change.
Yakov Rabkin 261 Nikolai Krementsov. A Martian Stranded on Earth: Alexander Bogdanov, Blood Transfusion, and Proletarian Science.
Jan Fellerer 262 Holger Kuße and Claudia Woldt, eds. Tschechisch und Slovakisch: Nähe und Distanz. Beiträge zum 4. Bohemicum Dresdense 13.–14. November 2009.
N.G.O. Pereira 264 Lars T. Lih. Lenin.

Jeff Parker 265 Stela Manova. Understanding Morphological Rules.
Edward Geist 266 Eva Maurer, Julia Richers, Monica Rüthers and Carmen Scheide, eds. Soviet Space Culture: Cosmic Enthusiasm in Socialist Societies.
Zina Gimpelevich 268 Arnold McMillin. Пісьменства ў халодным клімаце: Беларуская літаратура ад 70–х гг. XX cт. да нашых дзён (Writing in a Cold Climate: Belarusian Literature from the 1970s to the Present Day).
Tristan Landry 270 Kevin M. F. Platt. Terror & Greatness: Ivan and Peter as Russian Myths.
Ksenya Kiebuzinski 271 Miranda Remnek, ed. The Space of the Book: Print Culture in the Russian Social Imagination.
Thomas F. Remington 273 Richard Sakwa. The Crisis of Russian Democracy: The Dual State, Factionalism and the Medvedev Succession.

Stanislav Kirschbaum 274 Mikuláš Teich, Dušan Kováč and Martin D. Brown, eds. Slovakia in History.
Ernest Gyidel 276 Stephen Velychenko. State Building in Revolutionary Ukraine: A Comparative Study of Governments and Bureaucrats, 1917–1922.
Lee A. Farrow 278 Ilya Vinkovetsky. Russian America: An Overseas Colony of a Continental Empire, 1804–1867.
Adrianne Jacobs 279 Sally West. I Shop in Moscow: Advertising and the Creation of Consumer Culture in Late Tsarist Russia.

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