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Those who had attended our twitter mining workshops at the Sunbelt (and eusn) might remember that the tools for data analytics that we we were using were the Jupyter (former iPython) Notebook and the Beaker Notebooks.

However, during the last few weeks we were trying the Apache Zeppelin Notebook (https://zeppelin.apache.org/) and we found it superb for data analysis.

Just to form an idea, you might want to see the Zeppelin Notebook that we have created for a very elementary Twitter and sentiment analysis of the Aylan Kurdi tweets in the period September 2-21, 2015, that we had collected from Twitter gardenhose:


Soon, we are going to include in this notebook also some extra network computations (for co-occurring hashtags and mentions among Twitter users).

I was wondering whether we could exchange ideas and experiences on the best way to present network big data analyses through the Zeppelin notebook (or other similar tools) with those in the socnet list who happen to be working in this area.