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Note: these instructions from 2011 may be out of date; we will update before Fall 2019.

Pajek is powerful, free social network analysis software. It runs natively on Windows, and via Wine on Mac or Linux.

Users should consult the Pajek wiki, as well as the older (but not entirely obsolete) website.

Installing Pajek

To download and install Pajek, follow instructions on the Pajek wiki. For compatibility with the book, download the ESNA Book Edition version (October 1, 2004), named "". You may like to download the latest version as well, but without the older Book Edition there is no guarantee that everything will work as the book says it should. On the other hand, more recent versions may be improved, and will provide basically the same functionality. Your pick. You might like to have both.

Special instructions for the Mac are available on the Pajek wiki; the present instructions are here but better to refer to the wiki in case they update.

Alternatively, on any Intel Mac you can simply run Windows, and then there's no special hurdle: you'll be able to run any Windows software you like, including Pajek. Three ways to do this:

  • Bootcamp, which is included with the Mac. This option requires a special partition for Windows.
  • Invest in Parallels, an emulator that allows quick switching back and forth between Mac and Windows.
  • Or use the free VMware

You'll need a copy of Windows for any of these options. Sign up for Microsoft Azure to obtain Windows. You register with a personal Microsoft Account, and then verify you are with the University of Alberta. IST help desk can assist you if you have troubles.

Data files required for ESNAP (and manual)

Download these sample data sets for use with the textbook. Store them in your Pajek Data directory for future reference. You'll also find a Pajek manual for reference (but ESNAP is a better guide).

Other software for Pajek

These two (Windows) programs are very useful for generating Pajek files out of data presented in a different format:

txt2pajek: Converting text file data sets into Pajek format

excel2Pajek: Converting excel sheets into Pajek format


More help is available!