Network Science & SNA centers and websites

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International Network for Social Network Analysis (professional association for SNA research - with lots of links, naturally!)

Mitchell Centre, Manchester U. ("A leading centre in the development and application of social network analysis techniques.")

Network science institute, Northeastern University

SNA wiki (supported by the National Science Foundation)

Interdisciplinary center for network science and applications (University of Notre Dame)

Social Network Analysis Instructional Web Site (by Steve Borgatti, professor of management at the University of Kentucky)

Interdisciplinary networks course at Cornell University (cross-listed in computer science, economics, sociology, information science), by professors David Easley (economics) and Jon Kleinberg (computer science)

Stanford Network Analysis Project

Periodic Table of Network Centrality

SNA and Frozen (in the music domain: consider similar computations for opera, musical film, and musical theatre)

Science of Networks in Communities (SONIC)[1]