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This is a temporary page, providing information to supplement the official Music Department Graduate Student Resources page
Please use it until the official page [1] can be properly updated.

Note: the Fine Arts Building is different from the Old Arts Building.  Music has facilities in both.  Please see this Google map for details.
UPDATES: Please fill out the Music Graduate Student Form ( if you haven't done so already.  If you have done so, please revisit the link to update your information every semester.

Current graduate student deadlines

Grad student orientation

Graduate Student Orientation sessions for 2021-22

Orientation 1: General (including all program requirements)

Our meeting took place Monday, August 30, 10 am. Please find all relevant materials below.

Orientation Agenda (contains lots of useful links!)

Program Overview Slide Presentation (Google slide presentation; more links) UNTIL OUR WEBSITE HAS BEEN UPDATED PLEASE USE THIS PRESENTATION FOR PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS! (e.g. Language, Ethics, etc.)

Orientation 2: research proposals, scholarships and awards (including SSHRC scholarships)

Google slide presentation on research proposals, scholarships, and awards

FGSR SSHRC CGS - Doctoral fellowships: workshop (slides)

click here!

Note: you won't get access to Google Drive and other documents unless you're logged into Google using your UofA CCID! So if you're not getting in, please check that first.

Additional resources

Emergency? Here's a summary of Graduate student support for a range of issues (personal, health, financial, academic...)

Alberta Health Link - call 811 .

FGSR's support links and numbers

Beware of scammers!!!


Your primary sources for advising are:

  1. your (interim) supervisor and
  2. the Graduate Advisor for Music.

The GSA and FGSR offer virtual advising; graduate students can chat with a live agent from either office:


Graduate course offerings: 2022-23 ( Note: this listing is not yet complete. More courses will be added as instructors supply descriptions. A complete list should be available on beartracks, though some courses are not listed there yet either. Stay tuned!

Problems registering? Contact Music grad studies.

Funding: awards, scholarships, assistantships, grants for research, travel, and creative arts

Finances: banking and SIN

Please remember to set yourself up for automatic deposit in BearTracks. If you have difficulty, please try again in a few days. Once HR sets you up, it should work. Alternatively you may send the Electronic Banking/Direct Deposit form to the Graduate Advisor.

Instructions and link to the direct deposit form

Setting up a Bank Account

Getting a Social Insurance Number (SIN)

General references (Orientation, Programs, Funding, Library)


Graduate Programs in Music: definitions and requirements

University and FGSR resources

  • University Academic Regulations, applying to all programs (including evaluation, examination, academic standing, and appeals)
  • FGSR graduate program manual (handbook) (with links to the Calendar for many policy issues)
  • FGSR regulations, including specific regulations on academic standing, and program extensions
  • Leaves of absence
  • Office of the Ombuds: a confidential service to ensure fairness in university processes, they offer information, advice, and support to students as they deal with academic, discipline, interpersonal, and financial issues related to student programs. They can advise on "...grade appeals, student and applicant discipline, academic standing (e.g. required to withdraw, probation, appeals, etc.), student-supervisor conflicts, breakdowns in graduate programs, conflicts between students and/or professors, intellectual property issues, professional practice concerns, and residence disputes."

Field research

Note that to perform field research with human subjects you need:

Need-based financial support (bursaries...)


Lucinda Johnston is our Music librarian. She also serves departments of Drama and Linguistics.

Office space

Music has three shared office spaces for Music graduate students. ART3-34/3-42, ED433A and ED451A. There are also carrels available in Old Arts. Please contact the Music office for access.

Academic Integrity


Collective Agreement

This agreement between the GSA and the University determines many parameters of your academic life, including financial. Note rates of pay on p. 21.

Finding a job

Graduate student career guidance

COVID updates

Please note this COVID checklist. Note that masking indoors is mandatory when physical distancing cannot be assured (as in this Orientation) and that anyone on campus must either be fully vaccinated or else undergo regular testing[2]

The policy response to COVID is evolving rapidly. We will continue to update this site as information comes in.

Student Health and Counseling Services

  • 24/7 Distress Line (780-482-4357) - provides support at any time of the day to those in distress or considering suicide. Also online crisis support.
  • Graduate Student Assistance Program: 780-428-7587 - provides a wide variety of free services such as counselling and advice, crisis support, legal services, financial services, lifestyle services (personal trainer, nutritional counselling, smoking cessation). Students will need to specify they are a graduate student at the U of A and provide their One Card # to receive free services.
  • Counselling and Clinical Services: provides high quality, accessible and compassionate psychological and psychiatric services to students to improve their personal, social, and academic well-being. Call-in and in-person drop by may be suspended, but here are the coordinates: telephone 780-492-5205, or drop by at 2-600 SUB for an initial consultation (M, R, F 8am-4:30pm and T, W 8am-7pm). Their website also has excellent resources (
  • The University Health Centre: provides a wide range of professional, friendly and compassionate medical services to students and staff, including doctor appointments. They offer walk-in service and are located in 2-200 SUB

Safety Basics

Smoke or Fire: Evacuate the area, direct your students to evacuate the building, activate the fire alarm, evacuate the building using the stairs, and proceed to your building muster point. If you have anyone in the class who cannot evacuate, call 780-492-5050 (Muster points can be found here:

Fire Alarms: Evacuate the area, direct your students to evacuate the building using the stairs and proceed to your building muster point. If you have anyone in the class who cannot evacuate call 780-492-5050.

Medical Emergency: Render first aid assistance if trained, call 911 and follow instructions. Any situation that involves respiratory distress or arrest, cardiac arrest, large amount of blood loss, a casualty who cannot be moved, or any loss or change of consciousness should be considered a 911 emergency

Severe Weather: Direct your students to stay indoors, stay away from the windows, and check local media for instructions.

Water, Power or Heat emergencies: Edmonton Campuses: Call Facilities and Operations at 780-492-4855. Augustana Campus: Call Facilities and Operations at 780-679-1523.

Large Hazardous Materials Release or Spill: Evacuate the area, call 911, direct your students to evacuate the building using the stairs and proceed to your building muster point. If you have anyone in the class who cannot evacuate call 780-492-5050.

Suspicious Person, Package, or Unusual Activity: Be alert, avoid confrontation, call Protective Services at 780-492-5050, and follow their instructions.


Music Graduate Handbook