Listing of protest music on Smithsonian Folkways

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Short link to this site:

Assignment for Music 365: DUE TUESDAY SEP 6, 9 AM - SUBMIT ON ECLASS

  1. Read about Smithsonian Folkways.
  2. Browse the list below and select one of the albums. Listen to the album online (selectively is fine), download the liner notes, and read them. Then write 1-2 paragraphs:
    1. What is the album about? Describe the music. How is this "protest music"? In lyrics or sound or otherwise? What is its social aim?
    2. How does this music promote social change? Where do you think its social power resides - in the music itself, in the lyrics, or in the artist? In a larger movement? Or elsewhere? Do you find it to be successful? Why or why not?

Submit on the eClass site for Tuesday Sep 6 and prepare to discuss in class.

List of albums

Note that to hear the songs you will need to log in via U. Alberta libraries. Be sure to read the liner notes for your selected album!