Guidance for Music 472/572 presentations

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For your powerpoint presentations you may wish to return to the 14-section worksheet (available online here).

You could illustrate each section with a slide or two if you wish. Some sections are drier than others and for the sake of audience engagement it's better not to focus on budget or bibliography, though they can appear.

Please note that it's important to include some AV content--actual music, including audio or video--in nearly any ethnomusicological presentation, here especially for sections 3 (what are your source musical materials? how will you combine them?) and 4 (background on music and culture generally).

Section 3 can include the "Project module" mentioned in the course syllabus. But it can be illustrative rather than final, and can center on procedures as well as content. For instance you can give examples of the kinds of content you'd like to include in your video game, or your musical lesson plans for a school, or the kinds of instructions that you'd provide to guide a workshop or plan a festival. The module is the blueprint for the actual PAR activity, rather than the motivation, means of evaluation, etc. I hope that's clear. If not please do ask.

Note: you don't have to define a separable "project module" in your presentation or paper. I've used this concept of a "module" in previous M4GHD courses to indicate a detachable set of materials that are non-academic in nature, and can thus be more easily shared with an audience of laypersons, or translated into other languages. The module could include literal musical (including poetic, dramatic, choreographic, etc.) content, or methods and techniques for locating or creating such content. It was a holdover in the course outline, but didn’t explicitly appear in the worksheet. Such a “module” could in theory live within worksheet sections 2 or 3, but perhaps also 8, or elsewhere. Or it might not be explicitly marked out. If you want to define it, fine, but if not don’t worry about it.

Your presentations are yet another step towards your final papers...