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Grade Point Average and prior degrees

A BMus degree with an average of 3.0 in the last two years of undergraduate work (or graduate work) at the University of Alberta, or an equivalent qualification from a recognized institution. In the case of the MA an Honors BA or equivalent is acceptable in place of the BMus.

The Department of Music will consider applicants who do not hold these degrees, but those applicants must be able to document musical/academic training and experience that will enable them to succeed in courses and other degree requirements. This documentation can take the form of transcripts from educational institutions, evidence of professional activity, or references. The Department will only admit those who it is confident will be able to work at a level comparable to those who hold the specified undergraduate degrees. Any information provided will be assessed as part of the admissions process.

The minimum grade requirements for other countries are listed at the website below:

The following items are required to complete an Application for Graduate Admission; please upload the following documents into the application.

1. On-line application form. This can be obtained at Please follow the instructions.

2. Three (3) letters of reference.

3. Curriculum Vitae.

4. Statement of Intent.

This is one or two pages describing your background in music. Please indicate your particular reasons for wishing to pursue graduate studies.

5. Official transcripts and degree certificates

Transcripts should include all essential academic data. This includes: the dates of attendance, all courses taken, all grades and credits received, for all years attended, and all degrees awarded. It must be complete to the last date of attendance and may contain information related to the student's current status at the institution. Transcripts from North American institutions should bear a recent date of issue, an authentic registrar's signature and an embossed university seal. Transcripts received that do not meet these requirements should not be considered official and should be rejected for any permanent use. This definition recognizes that the burden of acceptance lies with the recipient. It is the recipient who ultimately determines whether the document will be accepted as official. Unofficial documents are records that may have been in the hands of the student, such as student-copy transcripts or letters, grade reports, diplomas, or graduation lists, and are not considered official.

If original transcripts cannot be obtained, applicants should supply certified true copies of original transcripts and certified statements confirming degrees awarded and academic standing achieved. Certification of transcripts and degrees must be effected by imprinting them with the official seal of the institution or by endorsing them by hand with the original signature of the responsible university officer (eg, Registrar, Admissions Officer, President). Copies of transcripts certified by a notary public are not acceptable. Documents (transcripts and degree certificates) must be provided in both English and in the language of origin. 6. English Language Proficiency (ELP)

Since English is the primary language of instruction and communication at the U of A, all applicants must be proficient in English prior to admission.

ELP Information:

English Language Proficiency (ELP) exemptions list:

7. Awards

8. Please review your specific program of study to ensure you have submitted all of the required documents.

Once your application is complete, applications are ranked by area coordinators and funding offers are made at that time.

Programs of Graduate Study:

Department of Music Application Process:

Faculty Listing

Please feel free to contact faculty members whose research interests most closely align with yours to discuss possible research projects.

Tuition and Cost Estimates


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