Ukrainian Folklore Sound Recordings

Ukraine Women Picture Folklore began with the study of words, or what is also called oral literature. In the last few years we have been able to record these spoken words, but, it has been difficult to present these recordings to researchers. Since 1998 I have been interviewing people in villages in Central Ukraine for my research on births, weddings, and funerals. The people have wonderful tales to tell, songs to sing, and valuable information on village life.

On this web page, there is a list of words. The topics listed are discussed somewhere in the 170 hours of recordings. When you CLICK on one topic, you will go to a web page where you will see a list of sub-topics. When one of these is CLICKED, you will go to a page listing the recordings in which that topic is discussed, or another page with sub-sub-topics. Each recording is named after the village where it was made. CLICK on a recording and you will go to the notes from the interview. At the bottom of the page under the player will be a time, or several times, click on one and hear the interview from that time point. You can hear other parts of the interview by moving the SLIDER on the player.

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