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Vietnam Tours are receiving very common among international travelers. Vietnam is certainly a very beautiful and awe-inspiring state. Besides the natural elegance, you can find a wide range of scenery and things you can do that keep a Vietnam travelers interest and focus for noticeably longer compared to typical visit to a less impressive area, this is surely why so many Vietnam travelers keep finding its way back time after time.Green rice paddies cultivated by farmers in peasant garments, colorful floating markets, old tombs of past dynasties, the colonial structure of its buildings, extensive pine lined streets, girls riding their bikes to school wearing the traditional Ao Dai and hunger causing odors of Vietnamese food are just a few of the ideas which come to mind when imagining a trip through Vietnam. Youre assured that you will go home with many remarkable experiences of this amazing land. Whether using 2 or 3 day cruise aboard a traditional junk on Halong Bay or an excursion sitting in a small river boat with a one-oared agent on the Mekong Delta, discovering the appearance of Hanoi the money of Vietnam or just enjoying one of many many beautiful beach areas along the coast of Vietnam will wake up your senses and encourage you to examine the intriguing background and traditions of Vietnam.