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A visit to Alcatraz is also a very popular tourist attraction. The Rock is a quite typical nick name for Alcatraz because of the black rock island that it sits on. The Rock was home to some of the most notorious thieves. Alcatraz operated as a jail from 1934 to 1963 during this period there was as successful escape never. Many criminals who tried to avoid drowned in the strong currents of the san francisco bay area Bay. These water are some of the most dangerous because of the currents that explain to you out. These currents are very strong since the bay meets with the Pacific Ocean. San francisco bay area holds many exciting adventures. This is a area to investigate whether youre alone on holiday or are looking to provide the family along. San Francisco is not only an exciting town packed with numerous cultures but part of our countries past lies with in the bay region. This is a vacation area thats packed with adventure and excitement for every single one to appreciate.