Proposed Plan for the Second Day of DH

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The following a draft plan for how to run the second Day of Digital Humanities.

Questions and Issues

  • Do we want to run it again?
  • What do we hope to achieve?
  • Should we use the same technology?
  • Can we provide not only an RSS but also a live blog-like feed that can be read with images inline.


  1. Identify a date
  2. Inform the participants of the last round and invite suggestions
  3. Send personalized invitations to all the participants from the last round
  4. Set up a form for new and old participants to register to participate. Do we include the request for a definition of digital humanities? Do we ask for the same information?
  5. Send out invitations to lists
  6. Set up a twitter tag and invite by twitter
  7. Review applications again
  8. Review ethics application and resubmit. It would be good to deal differently with the photo issue.
  9. Ask participants for suggestions on technology. Do we want to try another technology?
  10. Review the instructions and edit. It would be nice to provide better instructions on tagging and how to do entries.
  11. Set up the technology and test it.
  12. Announce the Day of DH to relevant media so it can be followed.
  13. Send around instructions before hand, especially around the inclusion of images.
  14. Have a great day!