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Intruders like criminals often look for the weaknesses in home security systems whilst to break into the house. They frequently use back doors with worn or old locks or they frequently open basement windows that can be easily kicked in. Different sort of crimes but also not merely robbery are committed such as assault, rape, kidnapping etc completely due to the lack of security in our houses. Additionally, there are various electronic devices which work on wireless technology such as motion detectors, remote controlled security camera systems and additional. That new technology, which is a mix of computer microprocessors is making intelligent devices, which are capable of distinguishing between a pet dog and an intruder. In this way the home security systems are willing to function in all circumstances. The close circuit tv cameras are employed as security camera systems. You can continuously keep an eye on these security cameras with a help of video monitor and thus the entry of the thieves may be prevented.

The Burglar Alarms are always willing to defend our residential houses and shopping stores from terrible robbery. These alarms are simply just programmed to alert people about any type of robbery and helps us in preventing burglary.