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First, weve the leather cases. These iphone cases will be the most luxurious-looking form of all. Its very elegant, too. These could be expensive unlike the other types of iphone 4s case, nevertheless, you get what you buy because it is really durable compared to the others. However, these cases are bulky. You would not need to bring something which takes too much space of your bag, would you? If youre one reckless phone user, better utilize the metal cases. Since steel cases are hard, these can protect your iPhone 4s screen from getting damaged by other things. Not merely does it shield the display, it protects your whole iPhone 4 as well. However, like the leather cases, steel cases are heavy, too. Also, they are large. What makes it different from leather cases is that steel cases are cheaper. Plastic cases might interest you as well. With plastic iphone 4s case, it is possible to pick your favorite color for the phone. These cases come in different models as well. It protects your whole iPhone, thats, the system and the screen. Unlike the other two stated earlier, plastic cases are very light.